About The Burrell Family

This page is part of the Burrell Family of McDonald’s. The Burrell Journey into McDonald’s began in 1974, with the opening of their first restaurant in Franklin, Kentucky. Paul Burrell, a second generation Owner Operator, began the family business with his father, Jim Burrell. From that one store, other siblings joined the business and have branched off into their own areas throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.

Today, Paul’s children are working in the business, with Alex, Michael, and Kelsey being 3rd Generation Owner Operators. Paul, Alex, Michael, and Kelsey all started in the restaurants as crew and learned their way through the business by following the guidelines set forth by McDonald’s in their world renowned training program. The Burrell’s have always looked at their business as a People Business first and a Hamburger Business second.

The Burrell’s are also heavily involved in the communities where they work and live. They are proud supporters of many charities, athletic, and academic programs, and for the past few years, have been heavily involved with the Warren County Stuff the Bus program. Additionally, they are passionate about helping out the Nashville Ronald McDonald House, which serves as a Home Away from Home for many families from Southern Kentucky each year.